Friday, June 28, 2013


I haven't updated in a while but I wanted to share some things I've written recently. I haven't worked out the kinks in my novel quite yet, so instead of pulling out my hair in frustration when I get stuck, I just work on other things. 


“Be careful with that,” Tyce said with his grizzled, raspy voice as he stoked the fire. “The edge is coated with Oleander. Very poisonous.”

Elya’s brow furrowed as she turned the dagger over in her hands.

“Ah, I see. This is for the kill then. The King?” she asked.

Tyce nodded and stopped prodding the embers. He nudged a little closer and slid his hand to her bare knee.

“Why, yes it is. Very risky, but good money. Very good.”

Elya frowned, her expression twisted with concern.

“Don’t worry dear, I’m a professional.” He gave a wry smile and caressed her leg. 

Elya puffed. “You should hire me to do it!” She mockingly prodded the dagger at him.

Tyce gave a hearty laugh. “Who would be so foolish to hire such a lovely damsel as you to be an assassin?”

Elya returned a crisp, pointed smile as she eased the dagger towards his neck.

“The King.” She said.


The sword does not smile
When blade cuts and stings
The mace does not dwell
on the malice it brings

The axe cannot weep
When red stains its head
The dagger cannot profit
From alley man dead

Fear not the shiv
the arrow or sling
Fear not the claymore
fit to slay kings

Fear but the Hand
and murderous sight
For anything's a weapon
when it's held just right 

Last Words

Walking past her room I shuddered
The cold, piercing thought uncovered
The aching weakness of my shell
As I wondered what of death she’d tell

Someone called and as I feared
Her last moment was almost near
Through door I went with pounding chest
To hear sweet things from her last breath

Looking at her lying there
I lost my tongue, I found no air
Stalked by specter, scythe in hand
Her life now falling grains of sand

Longing for words to ease my mind
I came forward and hoped to find
Whispers of meaning, of soul at peace

But I only heard my own heart beat

The first piece is kind of my interpretation of a Jeffrey Whitmore piece with a fantasy spin to it. I'd really like to become more comfortable writing in this style, it's a lot of fun. 

I've already shared the two poems with a few friends and they've given me great feedback. I really need to try and venture aware form the familiar quatrain ABAB style rhyme scheme. It's really fun for me to try and convey ideas with this structure, it's almost like a word jigsaw puzzle that I have to assemble. I'd like to try and do something a bit more modern, though. 

What do you think? 

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